Issue 6 Contents

Issue 6 of Stuck in the Gutters is nearly here and it’s shaping up to be packed full of good stuff. This issue also makes a full year of SITG and #7 will start Year 2. Not too shabby!

For comics we’ve got:

  • Captain Fugly, a ten page superhero tragedy, by Alexander “Jay” McAllister and Brandon Kiefer.
  • Another installment of Wrestlers vs Aliens from Jordan Kroeger and Ricardo. Word on the street is that the “vs” actually comes into play here.
  • Whiz Bang and the Meteor, a short about the titular the superhero robot, from Forrest Helvie and Michelle Lodge.
  • Paul Jeter returns to SITG with Styx River Cruise Lines.
  • Ryan K Lindsay and Paul Tucker have Little Man in the Big House: Big in this issue, about a size changing hero and a prison riot.
  • Mario Candelaria, Joel Lolar, and Scott Ewen have a nice, heartbreaking little comic in this issue as well.

And for essays:

  • Jeremy Holt continues to talk about the strange journey of breaking into comics with Strange Love.
  • Alex Reynolds writes an open letter to Ben Affleck about his role as Batman.
  • Tyler Hallstrom takes a look at Skottie Young, his style, and his career.
  • Ryan K Lindsay pops up again with another great Jam Session with Dan Hill. As always, this is something to look forward to.

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