Issue 3 Submissions Results

It’ll be out there for everyone to read in just a few weeks, but as has been the case with past issues, I wanted to let you know what to expect for this issue of Stuck in the Gutters. This issue is going to be a bit smaller than the first two, partly on purpose and partly out of necessity. All that said, check out the contributor list below and be sure to follow them on the Twitters.

On the comics side, we have:

As for essays, we’ve got those too:

  • Bobby Simpson talks about Batman and gun violence
  • Tyler Hallstrom interviews comic creator Shawn Daley
  • Jeremy Holt continues his look at the strange path of breaking into comics with “Strange Love”
  • Dan Hill and Ryan K Lindsay return with another Jam Session, this time on the recently released “Paper Girls” #1
  • And Alex Reynolds talks about why we need more female superhero movies

And if you’re behind on Stuck in the Gutters, you can get caught up here. As always, each issue is Pay What You Want. It’s as little or as much as you see fit, and all proceeds get divided up among the contributors.


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