Stuck in the Gutters #1 Review Round Up

Since the release of issue 1 there have been several sites around the vastness of the internet who’ve devoted a little time and digital ink to talking about Stuck in the Gutters. There have been a handful of very positive reviews, an interview, and one site was even kind enough to let me talk more about making Stuck in the Gutters in a guest post. It’s all incredibly humbling and energizing to see people digging this first issue as much as they have. Check them all out below.

  • Graphic Policy said that “Stuck in the Gutters is, hands down, a brilliant read.”
  • Fanboy Comics had this to say about Stuck in the Gutters: “There’s no condescension of elitist paradigms weighing down the content with judgment or disdain. It’s all open discussion that, even when critical, remembers that the reason we’re all here, what brings creators and audience together, is the love of the stories that only this medium can give us.”
  • Over at Nerd Underground, they thought that, “Stuck in the Gutters #1 is around seventy-percent potential that I hope will grow into something amazing. The other thirty percent (so far) is solid writing and decent art that stands alone as something good, though it’s the anticipation which makes it all so exciting.”
  •  Omni Comic seems to think we’re onto something with this magazine, saying, “the blending of comics and essays works exceptionally well and the bi-monthly publication will definitely turn a few heads (as well as encourage some heads to nod in agreement).”
  • In my first ever time on the receiving end of an interview, Pipe Dream Comics asks me all about what went into making Stuck in the Gutters and how it all came to be.
  • Finally, the great folks at Geek Syndicate let me write what was probably way too many words on making Stuck in the Gutters and I gave a few pointers to anyone aspiring to do the same.

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