Issue 2 Submissions Results!

October is nearly upon us and I have some cool things to share with you about issue 2 of Stuck in the Gutters. Below is the contributor list for issue 2, which is shaping up to be pretty damn great. Check it out!

On the comics side, we have:

On the written side of things:

  • Ricardo Mo talks about the power of words and how they can change your life, especially with a comic pitch.
  • Dan Hill and Ryan K Lindsay once again team up to discuss comics, this time focusing on Annie Wu’s “Hawkeye”.
  • Alex Reynolds answers the question, “Are comics literature?”
  • Jeremy Holt continues his look at breaking into comics with another installment of “Strange Love”.
  • Charles Joy talks about his love of “Mind MGMT”
  • I, Leo Johnson, will be looking at “Southern Bastards” and perceptions of the South.

And for taking the time to read through, here’s a sneak peek at “Wrestlers vs Aliens” from Mo/Kroeger. This is going to be a treat, everyone. Wrasslin


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