Hi, I’m Leo Johnson. I’ve been writing about comics online for a few years, with varying degrees of success, and it’s something I love a lot. Not too long ago I was thinking about the lack of digital magazines out there that were comic-centric. There are plenty that focus on all the varied kinds of geekery, but there weren’t any that I could really find that focused just on comics and talking about them in a semi-serious way. So I had the idea to help make this magazine happen.

Not content to just have think pieces and comics criticism, I also want to include comic strips and short in there as well because comics are just the best. This is where “Stuck in the Gutters” and you come into play. I want to make the best mix of comics criticism, think pieces, interviews, comic strips, and short comics that I can and I need others to make it happen. As I said, I’ve written about comics on the internet for a couple years and know that there are a lot of interesting voices out there with varied and valid opinions on comics, and I want to hear as many as I can.

As is the case with basically everything else online, I’m not very sure what the pay will be. I plan to offer the finished magazine as a Pay What You Want download through Gumroad and possibly other platforms. I also plan to launch a Patreon for the project, allowing those interested to give a little support for peeks at what myself and other contributors are working on, along with other perks. Whatever these two platforms collect will be distributed among the contributors for that issue, with a certain part being kept to use to hopefully make the magazine self sustaining and eventually something that definitely pays. It could be that we’re splitting a million dollars (not very likely) or splitting nothing (probably more likely), but I aim to make sure that everyone involved gets a fair portion of whatever it is.

So, if you’re still interested, send me your ideas and submissions. Whether it’s an interview you really want to do, a short essay on an issue in comics, a funny comic strip you came up with, or a short you’ve had stuck in your head, I want to hear about it. The submission period proper ends June 30th, so have your pieces in by then! Send them to me at with the subject “Submissions”. After the submission period is over, the entire month of July will be devoted to putting the magazine together and making things look good. Then the big moment arrives and the first issue will be available in early August.

I look forward to hearing all your ideas!


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